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2020 Aug 17

Dotclear 2.17.2

A maintenance version that fixes two minor problems with Safari.

2020 Aug 15

Dotclear 2.17.1

A maintenance version to fix a problem caused by Chrome with the optional password fields of posts and pages.

2020 Aug 13

Dotclear 2.17

Here's the “Jurassic blog edition”, aka Dotclear 2.17 to celebrate 17 years of Dotclear today \o/


* 🐘 PHP 5.6+ is required, PHP 7.4 compliance
* 🛡 Security: Password is now needed to export blog settings and contents (full/simple)
* Themes can now be cloned
* New helper button (show/hide) for password fields
* Enhancement of filter/sort usage for lists (posts, comments, …)
* 3rd automatic theme for backend theme (which follow OS setting)
* Authentication (backend) and password form (public for password protected entry) have been redesigned
* Add a Cancel button wherever relevant in backend
* PHP files can now be edited in Theme editor
* Plugins may now use SVG icon rather than JPG/PNG
* Black/White list names become Block/Allow list (antispam)
* Wiki: subscript syntax changed from _subscript_ to ,,subscript,,
* Wiki: add ;;span-content;; syntax
* Wiki: add §§attributes[|list attributes]§§ for blocks (at end of the 1st line of block)
* Wiki: add §attributes§ for inline elements (just before closing marker, warning: cannot be nested)
* Tpl: Add {{tpl:BlogNbEntriesFirstPage}} and {{tpl:BlogNbEntriesPerPage}}
* Tpl: Add optional even attribute to <tpl:EntryIfOdd>, <tpl:CommentIfOdd> and <tpl:PingIfOdd>
* Tpl: Add author="…" as attribute of <tpl:EntryIf>
* Sys: Add several behaviors, coreBeforeImageMetaCreate, themeBeforeClone and themeAfterClone
* a11y: Reduce motion if required in provided themes and backend
* Lib: Update jQuery to 3.5.1 (backend and public)
* Lib: Update Codemirror to 5.55.0
* Lib: CKEditor new color palette (configurable)
* Fix: Notification system refactored (now based on db rather than PHP Session)
* Fix: Missing confirmation before closing modified forms / unecessary confirmation asked before closing not modified forms
* i18n: Switch from Transifex to Crowdin for localisation purpose (
* 🐛 → Various bugs, a11y concerns and typos fixed
* 🌼 → Some locales and cosmetic adjustments

2020 Jun 2

Dotclear 2.16.9

A new little version that fixes some minor bugs.

2020 May 27

Dotclear 2.16.8

This version fixes the use of the Clearbricks library, not updated in the previous version.

Dotclear 2.16.7

As the previous one, a new little version that fixes some minor but sometimes annoying bugs.

2020 May 22

Dotclear 2.16.6

A new version that fixes some minor but sometimes annoying bugs.

2020 May 14

Dotclear 2.16.5

A new version that fixes some minor but sometimes annoying bugs.

2020 Apr 24

Dotclear 2.16.4

A new version which integrates the correction of a bug forgotten in the previous version.

2020 Apr 21

Dotclear 2.16.3

A new version that fixes two minors bugs.

2020 Apr 17

Dotclear 2.16.2

A new minor version that fixes the lack of warning when content has been modified and not saved with CKEditor.

2020 Apr 15

Dotclear 2.16.1

A few small bugs not serious but annoying on a daily basis have been fixed with this version.

2020 Mar 13

Dotclear 2.16

Let have some fun by publishing a very new version of Dotclear this friday the 13th \o/

The menu:

  • 🐘 PHP 5.6+ is required, PHP 7.4 compliance
  • 🛡 Security: all requests from/to Dotclear and DotAddict servers use now HTTPS
  • jQuery upgraded to 3.4.1, older version will be removed, jQuery not anymore requested for "Remember me" feature
  • New "static" mode for home page. In this mode the list of last posts is available with the following URL:
  • Media description may now be updated
  • Add <i [lang="…"]>…</i> support to Dotclear wiki, syntax: ££text[|lang]££ (ex: ££français|fr££)

And also some visual or not visual bugs have been fixed, the support of MySQL 8+…

Let's play !

2019 Nov 28

Dotclear 2.15.3

Une new minor release which fixes some issues:

  • Avoid weird side-effect of JS minifier
  • Insertion of default type media (non image/audio/video) in XHTML entries
  • Cope with old themes for 'remember me' string defined in JS

2019 Oct 1

Dotclear 2.15.2

A new release which fixes:

  • saving of files in theme editor when using syntaxic coloration;
  • video insertion with the two editors
  • badge position for dashboard modules counters

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