The new version for this quarter — we're keeping up, that's a good thing — with some improvements to the program:

  • 🐘 PHP 7.4+ is required, PHP 8.0/8.1 compliance
  • Remove anti-FLoC system
  • Add a live preview button to standard Dotclear editor (wiki syntax)
  • Use native Javascript in scripts shiped with Berlin and Ductile theme (no more need jQuery)
  • Improve retrieval of origin metadata on Webmention or Pingback
  • Add a "Reset to now" button near the publish datetime input field (post/page)
  • Reduce number of CSS mediaqueries' breakpoints to 3 (mobile, tablet, laptop) for backend
  • Add a sticky position to "quick access to section" menu for about:Config and user:Prefs
  • Toolbar icons reviewed for standard Dotclear editor