Frequently Asked Questions

Using Dotclear

I wrote an entry (a post), but it doesn't appear on the blog!

Check that the entry's status is published. This entry should not be password-protected. (Password-protected entries don't appear in the public entry list of your blog.)

I created categories but they are not listed in the Categories block of my sidebar!

Categories should be assigned at least to one published entry to be shown in the menu.

How can I change my blog's name?

Go to Dashboard → Blog settings and edit the Blog name field.

I would like to change the name that appears as my entries' signature.

Go to Dashboard → User preferences and fill in the Display name field with the nickname of your choice.

My sidebar has fallen to the bottom of my page.

There must be an element in one of your post that is wider than the space available for your entries. Check for big images or URLs with very long character strings that might be wider that the entry column.

One of my paragraphs looks weird - letters look like typewriter characters and/or the paragraphs lies on a different color background.

Check that the paragraph doesn't start with a space or a semicolon in wiki mode.

On my blog's home page, my entries are shown in full. How can I have only the first few sentences displayed, followed by a link to the full entry?
or : How can I display my entries in full on the home page, without the "Continue reading" link?

The entry edition section has two boxes for you to enter content:

  • The content entered in the first box (Excerpt) is displayed on the blog's home page, followed by a link to the full entry;
  • The second box (Content) holds the rest of your entry and will be displayed in a dedicated page.

You have to put content in the Content box, but the Excerpt section is optional. If you type your complete entry in the Content box, it will be displayed in full on your blog's home page.

I tried to click on the button that automatically creates tags, but nothing happened.

You should first select the word (or group of words) that you want to set as a tag (or keyword). The selected character strings should not contain commas (but spaces and accents are OK).

I am almost sure I have found a bug. What do I win?

Our profound gratitude and the pride to contribute to a magnificent project. To validate your enrollment, please post a topic in the "Bugs" thread of the forum or file a bug report in the development interface of Dotclear 2 (you will need a Dotclear account to do so).

I can't find the menu that makes coffee on demand

Tsk, really? You haven't looked hard enough.


How can I upgrade my Dotclear 1.2.x blog to Dotclear 2?

You can't upgrade from Dotclear 1.2.x to Dotclear 2. The two softwares are essentially different so the correct term would be "migration". That said, there is a plugin that lets you retrieve all the data from your Dotclear 1.2.x database to import them into Dotclear 2. The rest (plugins and themes) will have to be reconfigured for Dotclear 2. Most likely, you will also need to redefine the internal links between your entries. So don't engage in this sort of operation without some safety measures (like a backup of your blog's content), and be aware that it may take quite a long time. ;-)

They're asking for a database and a password. What's that?

Your hosting provider should have given you these details. With some providers, the username and password used to access the database are the same you use to connect to your FTP server.

Widgets? This is new, right?

It is. Behind this do-it-all word lie very powerful tools to help you customize the layout of your Dotclear blog. You just have to drag and drop widgets into the "Navigation" or the "Extra" column in the Presentation widgets screen to add or remove them from the panels of your blog.

Where are the calendar and the day-by-day entry display gone?

This is no longer part of the basic installation but you can use the dayMode plugin by Pep for this purpose.

The sugar option of the coffee widget seems to be disabled, is it a bug?

This depends on how you configured the parameters of the "Diet" setting. When this mode is enabled, the only option available is "sweetener"!


Why are some fopen wrappers disabled?

This is a security measure.

How can I overcome this?

You need to use the netHttp class of Clearbricks :

$res = netHttp::quickGet($url);

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