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By websites we mean all the websites existing on the domain named

By accessing the websites to learn more about our services or to use them, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and additional following terms of use:

Intellectual property rights

All the information contained on websites is protected by applicable intellectual property protection laws. Any reproduction of any or all content of websites is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise stated.

This does not apply to specifically licensed contents, including but not limited to, Dotclear software sources (GPL license applies) and documentation contents (Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike license applies).

Personal information websites may have to collect some personal information, strictly on communication and information purpose only. This information is never made public, disclosed to third parties, nor used for commercial purpose; the only persons allowed to access this information are the managers and the owner of the web site. The users of the website are entitled to access, modify and ask for suppression of their personal information. The lifetime of this information is limited to that of the corresponding account as described below; no data are stored after a user account is deleted.

In spite of all the care and measure taken to protect personal information, we cannot guarantee their security. They can be accessed by anyone with physical access to our server. account account is a service allowing its owner to access certain resources (wiki, forum, etc.) in order to contribute to Dotclear project.

Creating an account implies providing a first name, a last name and a valid e-mail address.

The website managers may delete the account at any time, at their own discretion, if its owner does not comply with the netiquette and/or the specific terms of use for collaboration spaces (forum, wiki), as described below.

Obligations of account users

Any user of a account has to make sure the e-mail address he/she provides is valid.

Deleting a account

The user of a account may delete this account at any time, using the appropriate deletion form. His/her personal information and access rights are then suppressed.

Legal terms

The owner and editor of this website is the physical person Olivier Meunier, who can be contacted at

Appendix 1 : Dotclear wiki user charter

Welcome to Dotclear Wiki.

As with any group work, a few rules apply to ensure the good operation of the wiki. Please take the time to read them before posting your first contribution.

1. Purpose

  • The primary purpose of the wiki is to provide the broadest documentation possible on Dotclear and its add-ons (plugins, themes) using wiki's collaboration capacities.

2. Content accuracy

  • As with any open system, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of Dotclear wiki's content.
  • we kindly ask users to fix any mistake or report it to the website managers so we can make the necessary changes.

3. Contributing

  • Any user with a account may contribute to the content.
  • All changes are considered as publications. The author of the change will be publicly identified and hence agrees with the terms of the wiki's license: Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 License
  • All changes are tracked and all consequent version of all pages are maintained.

4. Peer review

  • As with any wiki, content is continuously improved through peer review. Any user with a account can take part to this process. Peer review can be applied to different levels, both to the style and the content.

5. Moderation / Mutual respect

  • Any article with offensive content or violating mutual respect rules will be deleted by the website managers.
  • Any off-topic article will be deleted by the website managers.
  • Any user who will not comply with those two rules will be warned and his/her account will be momentarily suspended. The account may be deleted if the user obviously refuses to understand the warning.

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