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2021 Feb 13 Dotclear 2.18.1

A maintenance version that corrects a few bugs, especially when putting programmed entries online....

2020 Nov 13 Dotclear 2.18

A new version that brings some changes and updates. The most notable are : The IP addresses - especially from comments - are now displayed in the administration only if you are administrator or...

2020 Aug 17 Dotclear 2.17.2

A maintenance version that fixes two minor problems with Safari....

2020 Aug 15 Dotclear 2.17.1

A maintenance version to fix a problem caused by Chrome with the optional password fields of posts and pages....

2020 Aug 13 Dotclear 2.17

Here's the “Jurassic blog edition”, aka Dotclear 2.17 to celebrate 17 years of Dotclear today \o/ The CHANGELOG: * 🐘 PHP 5.6+ is required, PHP 7.4 compliance * 🛡 Security: Password is now needed to...

2020 Jun 2 Dotclear 2.16.9

A new little version that fixes some minor bugs....

2020 May 27 Dotclear 2.16.8

This version fixes the use of the Clearbricks library, not updated in the previous version....

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