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2022 Aug 13 Dotclear 2.23.1

And in the meantime, a maintenance version to correct a bug with the addition of comments....

2022 Aug 13 Dotclear 2.23

The new version for this quarter with some improvements in the program mainly in the core code, but not only. Note the disappearance of the management of icon sets, little used and potentially...

2022 May 13 Dotclear 2.22

The new version for this quarter — we're keeping up, that's a good thing — with some improvements to the program: 🐘 PHP 7.4+ is required, PHP 8.0/8.1 compliance Remove anti-FLoC system Add a live...

2022 Mar 7 Dotclear 2.21.3

A new version that fixes two bugs concerning the management of users other than administrators (or super-administrators)....

2022 Feb 26 Dotclear 2.21.2

A new maintenance release that solves, among other things, the date and cache problems encountered by some users. Changes: Revert some modifications done for PHP 8.1 compliance (strftime) Cleanup...

2022 Feb 19 Dotclear 2.21.1

A maintenance release to fix these bugs: Fix: Cope with author TZ for posts and pages edition Fix: Avoid browser caching on page/post preview Fix: List of entries using a media...

2022 Feb 13 Dotclear 2.21

A new version of Dotclear which I let you discover the (light) resumption of the look of the administration. In particular, many PNG images have been replaced by a vector version (SVG format), which...

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