We won't lie to ourselves, the next update could be ... sporty1 :-)

I just tested several times, from an installation that runs in production (my blog) with Dotclear 2.23.1 and I noticed the following things:

  1. If you ever use the static cache2 plugin, disable it temporarily (just comment out the DC_SC_CACHE_ENABLE activation constant in the inc/config.php file, or set it to false).

  2. Upgrading to Dotclear 2.24 in rescue mode is the best way to do it, once you know3 that the plugins you use are available for 2.244.

  3. If you ever need the FakeMeUp plugin, then log back in to normal mode, install it, run it, then log back in to rescue mode.

  4. Make way for updates:

    1. Upgrade Dotclear to 2.24 (still in rescue mode),
    2. Reconnect in rescue mode because the previous step will bring you back to the authentication page5,
    3. Do the update plugins6,
    4. Reactivate the static cache if necessary,
    5. Reconnect in normal mode.

This should be all good!

Take the opportunity to clear the template cache and the static cache (Maintenance plugin).

A little extra: it may be useful to install the growUp plugin to clean up a bit7 once the update is done8.

Anyway, we'll be around if there is a problem; on the forum in particular.

  1. To be honest my first attempt ran into a problem with the static cache (see item 1 in the list), otherwise I was able to do the update in normal mode without any trouble. 

  2. Especially if you use it, like me, aggressively. 

  3. Install the Check store version plugin, it will tell you all that. 

  4. If not, wait until they are, it's better! 

  5. The authentication page may not be displayed, in which case delete the cookies associated with the site and refresh the page. 

  6. Force the update check to make sure you don't miss anything. 

  7. This is normally done during the update, but sometimes things can happen ;-) 

  8. It can be disabled or uninstalled afterwards.