The new version for the holidays. It is strongly recommended that you do the update in safe mode, which will then allow you to update the plugins that need to be updated.

If you have trouble logging in after the update, delete the associated cookies before refreshing the login page.


  • 🐘 PHP 7.4+ is required, PHP 8.0/8.1 compliance
  • 🗑 Remove XML/RPC system (keep only minimum for Pingbacks)
  • New blog parameter to close comments/trackbacks after a period of inactivity on the blog
  • Core: Large code review has been done, may break old code (3rd party plugins and themes)
  • Admin UI: New default icons for media items
  • Admin UI: Message look reviewed
  • Admin UX: Preserve current dir and current view of media manager
  • Admin UX: Password strength use an entropy indicator
  • Admin UX: Improve navigation in about:config and user:preferences list
  • Admin UX: Allow activation and de-activation of plugins in safe mode
  • Admin UX: Allow update of disabled/activated plugins in safe mode/normal mode
  • Admin UX: Add folding capability to widgets group
  • Theme: Cope with theme defined widget container format
  • Theme: Smilies are available for every theme (Blowup theme not more mandatory)
  • Lib: Update CKEditor to 4.20.1
  • Lib: Update Codemirror to 5.65.10
  • 🐛 → Various bugs, a11y concerns and typos fixed
  • 🌼 → Some locales and cosmetic adjustments