A new version of Dotclear for which you should encounter fewer problems, if any, than at the time of the update to 2.24.

This version essentially incorporates a code modernization - a modernization that should continue for a few more quarters.

It is possible that in the near future the required PHP version will change, especially to allow us to focus on code modernization. For now it is still PHP 7.4, but the 2.25 administration interface will tell you, if you are still using this version, that it is time to consider switching to PHP 8.0 or PHP 8.1, or even PHP 8.2 for which we have worked hard to ensure compatibility.

A small note to plugin developers: It was optional until now to define the module type in the _define.php file; it is likely that the future 2.26 will require it, so add this line in the properties:

'type' => 'plugin',

Take example on one of the plugins distributed with Dotclear if necessary.

The changelog of the 2.25:

  • 🐘 PHP 7.4+ is required, PHP 8.0/8.1 compliance (and as far as we know PHP 8.2)
  • Core: New plugin/theme code structure (using a brand new autoloader), old plugins/themes remain compatibles
  • Core: Clearbricks is now included in Dotclear code, not more as a git sub-module
  • Core: Update last step will not redirect to the safe-mode login page
  • Core: No more need to add namespace (blog-settings) / workspace (user-preferences) before using them
  • Core: Add possible using of external db driver (Experimental)
  • Core: Add support of .mjs ECMAScript module files
  • Core: Remove unnecessary and weak protection code
  • Core: Move some legacy and proxy code in dcProxyV2 plugin
  • a11y: Some aria attributes have been set in backend
  • Theme: Merge default smilies and blog's smilies (the blog's smilies have a higher priority)
  • Theme: Merge plugin blowupConfig into theme Blowup
  • Admin: Some jQuery javascript scripts have been rewritten in pure ECMAScript
  • Admin: Add Atkinson Hyperlegible font (used by default in admin, may be disabled in user pref)
  • Admin: Add some shortcuts (CTRL+letter) to dcLegacyEditor toolbar
  • Admin: Add a specific warning message on update page if necessary (breaking changes)
  • Admin: Cope with no user TZ defined (use UTC in this case)
  • Admin: Fix admin permission management for blogroll and pages plugins
  • Admin: Cope with float/double values in about:config and user:pref
  • 🐛 → Various bugs, a11y concerns and typos fixed
  • 🌼 → Some locales and cosmetic adjustments
  • 📣 Warning: Next major release (2.26) may require PHP 8.0 (announced in backend) or PHP 8.1