A new version which update should pass without major problem for most of you.

Nothing extraordinary this time, mostly small improvements here and there, and it is especially on the side of the code that the main thing has been done because for the first time since the first version of Dotclear 2, the Clearbricks library is no longer part of it, or rather has been integrated directly into the code of Dotclear.

It was also the occasion to reinforce the unit tests and the static analysis of the code (with PHPStan, PSalm and Rector) which will continue to be progressively modernized (there is quite a lot left).

A new theme is under development and it should, if possible, be part of the next major release — which will also mark Dotclear's 20th anniversary —, but as we've often said here: "It will be when it is ready!".

Moreover, the redesign of the administration architecture is under study, in particular to benefit from the latest HTML and CSS possibilities. There might be some breakage, but we'll try to limit the damage, as usual.

Have a good update!