2020 Jun 2

Dotclear 2.16.9

A new little version that fixes some minor bugs.

2020 May 27

Dotclear 2.16.8

This version fixes the use of the Clearbricks library, not updated in the previous version.

Dotclear 2.16.7

As the previous one, a new little version that fixes some minor but sometimes annoying bugs.

2020 May 22

Dotclear 2.16.6

A new version that fixes some minor but sometimes annoying bugs.

2020 May 14

Dotclear 2.16.5

A new version that fixes some minor but sometimes annoying bugs.

2020 Apr 24

Dotclear 2.16.4

A new version which integrates the correction of a bug forgotten in the previous version.

2020 Apr 21

Dotclear 2.16.3

A new version that fixes two minors bugs.

2020 Apr 17

Dotclear 2.16.2

A new minor version that fixes the lack of warning when content has been modified and not saved with CKEditor.

2020 Apr 15

Dotclear 2.16.1

A few small bugs not serious but annoying on a daily basis have been fixed with this version.

2020 Mar 13

Dotclear 2.16

Let have some fun by publishing a very new version of Dotclear this friday the 13th \o/

The menu:

  • 🐘 PHP 5.6+ is required, PHP 7.4 compliance
  • 🛡 Security: all requests from/to Dotclear and DotAddict servers use now HTTPS
  • jQuery upgraded to 3.4.1, older version will be removed, jQuery not anymore requested for "Remember me" feature
  • New "static" mode for home page. In this mode the list of last posts is available with the following URL:
  • Media description may now be updated
  • Add <i [lang="…"]>…</i> support to Dotclear wiki, syntax: ££text[|lang]££ (ex: ££français|fr££)

And also some visual or not visual bugs have been fixed, the support of MySQL 8+…

Let's play !

2019 Nov 28

Dotclear 2.15.3

Une new minor release which fixes some issues:

  • Avoid weird side-effect of JS minifier
  • Insertion of default type media (non image/audio/video) in XHTML entries
  • Cope with old themes for 'remember me' string defined in JS

2019 Oct 1

Dotclear 2.15.2

A new release which fixes:

  • saving of files in theme editor when using syntaxic coloration;
  • video insertion with the two editors
  • badge position for dashboard modules counters

2019 Aug 29

Dotclear 2.15.1

A small update that should fix the problem of modifying pages and posts in a language different from the interface language, when using CKEditor. It should also solve the problem encountered when updating 2.15 by users of PostgreSQL databases.

2019 Aug 12

Dotclear 2.15

A very new version of Dotclear, focusing on code robustness, there is no more inline javasript and it's better for security; the backend is a little bit more comfortable with responsives lists and tables. It will be easier to cope with list of comments on your smartphone.

Note that the audio and video Flash players have been removed from this release — but they are not deleted during update.

Dashboard speaking you will be able to organize at will the position of differents "blocks" (icons, news, …); the WebP format is now supported — as far as your server is configured for ; some new codes have been added to the wiki syntax (subscript, superscript).

Check the « CHANGELOG » ;-)

Have fun and enjoy and happy birthday, tomorrow, to our favourite blog engine \o/

2018 Sep 26

Dotclear 2.14.3

A little update which fix a configuration problem, experienced at least on some 1&1 servers, with a memory_limit value (in PHP.ini) set to -1 (unlimited).

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