My lambs, it's time to update, the new 2.9 version awaits you!

Fédor Balanovitch (coming out of the bus, almost) — Zazie in the metro, R. Queneau

On the menu of this version essentially what make life a little easier for those who spend time on the side of the administration of their(s) blog(s). A search and last visited folders available in the media manager, better sorted menus and lists some more filterable, some welcome updates for the javascript libraries used[1].

And then we also need to make Dotclear run properly with the new version 7 of PHP, quite impressive release in terms of speed gain, and you will note in passing that the minimum required version of PHP 5.3, as it is had announced at the time of the release of the release of the version 2.8[2].

A lot of bugs were eradicated, a few new opportunities have been implemented for developers of plugins and theme designers, and finally a more robust application for everyone.

The future version 2.10 will be mainly focused on two aspects. First an "overhaul" of JavaScript scripts used in the administration od Dotclear, as we have some old stuff in our "collection", and second, a "soft" migration to more HTML5 / CSS3 templates and themes side. But tell us if you'd prefer something else!

The updated proposal of your installation should appear on your dashboard today or tomorrow (depending on the settings of your accommodation) and a patch is available to developers preferring to apply this method.


[1] The jQuery 2.2.0 version is now available for the public side of your blogs, if necessary.

[2] Hosting services with less than 5.3 version of PHP begins hard to find, and it's a good news.