Input syntaxes

You can type your entries using the wiki or xhtml syntaxes. The default syntax is specified in the User preferences. You may change it for an individual entry by selecting the syntax from the small drop-down menu in the right column of the entry edition interface.

A summary of the description below is available in the Help panel of the entry edition interface. To display the Help panel, click on the blue Help button on the top right corner of the page.

Wiki syntax and XHTML equivalent

Presentation : Based on simple tags, the wiki syntax allows you to enhance the layout of your text without the need for specific skills. These tags are then interpreted by the blog engine and converted into xhtml. If you don't have a good knowledge of xhtml and you don't use the wysiwyg mode, you are strongly recommended to use wiki to avoid any error that might cause problems in the blog's layout.

Block-level elements


wiki : Leaves an empty line between each block of same nature.


wiki : free text, ending with an empty line if followed by another paragraph.

xhtml equivalent : <p>First paragraph.</p></p>Second paragraph.</p>


wiki : !!! title, !! title or ! title for more or less important titles.

xhtml equivalent :

  • !!!!!Title → <h1>Title</h1>
  • !!!!Title → <h2>Title</h2>
  • !!!Title → <h3>Title</h3>
  • !!Title → <h4>Title</h4>
  • !Title → <h5>Title</h5>


the <h1> level is already used for the blog title and the <h2> level for the entry titles, so you should only use <h3> level and below within your entries.

Horiontal line

wiki : —- (four hyphens isolated on one line)

xhtml equivalent : <hr />


wiki : lines starting with * for bulleted lists or # for numbered lists

You can create embedded lists by mixing list codes. For example:

  * item 1
  ** item 1.1
  ** item 1.2
  * item 2
  * item 3
  *# item 3.1

xhtml equivalent fo the sample above :

  <li>item 1
    <li>item 1.1</li>
    <li>item 1.1</li>
  <li>item 2</li>
  <li>item 3
    <li>item 3.1</li>

Preformatted text

wiki : one space before every line of text.

xhtml equivalent : <pre>preformatted lines of text</pre>

Quotation blocks :

wiki : > before each line of text.

xhtml equivalent : <blockquote><p>Quotation paragraphs.</p></blockquote>

Style tags


wiki : two simple quote marks


xhtml equivalent : <em>text</em>

Strong emphasis :

wiki : two underscores


xhtml equivalent : <strong>text</strong>

Forced line break

wiki :


xhtml equivalent : <br />


wiki : two plus signs


xhtml equivalent : <ins>text</ins>


wiki : two hyphens


xhtml equivalent : <del>text</del>

wiki :

  • [url]
  • [nom|url]
  • [nom|url|language]
  • [nom|url|language|title]

xhtml equivalent :

  • <a href="target-url">target-url</a>
  • <a href="target-url">name</a>
  • <a href="target-url" lang="en">name</a>
  • <a href="target-url" lang="en" title="title">name</a>


wiki :

  • ((url|alt text))
  • ((url|alt text|position))
  • ((url|alt text|position|long description))

The values for "position" can be L or G (left), R or D (right) or C (centered).

xhtml equivalent :

  • <img src="url" alt="alt text" />
  • <img src="url" alt="alt text" style="display:block; float:left; margin:0 1em 1em 0" /> (if position : L or G)
  • <img src="url" alt="alt text" style="display:block; float:right; margin:0 0 1em 1em" longdesc="long description" /> (if position : R or D)


wiki : ~anchor~

xhtml equivalent : <a name="anchor"></a>


wiki : ??acronym|title??

xhtml equivalent : <acronym title="title">acronym</acronym>

Inline quote

wiki :

  • {{quote}}
  • {{quote|language}}
  • {{quote|language|url}}

xhtml equivalent :

  • <q>quote</q>
  • <q lang="en">quote</q>
  • <q lang="en" cite="url">quote</q>


wiki : @@a bit of code@@

xhtml equivalent : <code>a bit of code</code>


wiki : texte$$Note content$$

xhtml equivalent :

text<sup>[<a href="url-blog#pnote-xxx-x" id="rev-pnote-xxx-x">x</a>]</sup>
<div class="footnotes"><h4>Notes</h4>
<p>[<a href="url-blog/#rev-pnote-xxx-x" id="pnote-xxx-x">x</a>] Note content</p></div>


Preventing text formatting

To insert a character that you don't want to be interpreted as a formatting character, add a \ before it. For example \[this text between brackets is not a link\]

Inserting HTML within wiki syntax

You may need to insert HTML code within your wiki formatted text from time to time. To do that, use the following code and leave an empty line before and after this portion:

  <p style="color:red">my text in red</p>

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