User preferences

From the Dashboard, select User preferences. The Help panel will help you fill in the fields if necessary.

Name or nickname?

If you fill in the Display name field, it will be used as a signature of your entries. If you leave this field blank, your last name and first name will be used instead.


When you leave a comment on your own blog, if you specify the same URL as the one indicated in this field, the comment will be recognized as yours, which can be used to display it with a specific style if your theme provides such a special style. Your comments may then be easily differentiated from those of your readers.


If a translation is provided for the language you choose, the administration interface will be displayed in the specified language. It will also be the default language for your entries.


The timezone field lets you indicate in which timezone you are so as to correctly timestamp your entries, including when you're on travel.

WYSWYG editor

When you use this mode, XHTML formatting and style are directly applied to the entry text you type in the edition area, so that it looks almost like the final result that will be displayed on your blog.


This mode is only available for XHTML syntax and does not work in all browsers. It may be disabled.

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