Blog menu content (widgets)

The sidebar of your blog is fully customizable. Its content is made of different modules called "widgets" that let you manage the content of the blog menu.

From the administration interface, select the Presentation widgets from the sidebar.

You are presented with a screen divided in three columns: the first one lists all the available widgets, the second holds the modules of the navigation panel and the last one the extra panel.


Many plugins create a matching widget. These are displayed at the end of the first list.

On the default theme the menu is presented as a single sidebar. In this case, this column includes the navigation panel then the extra panel. In some layouts, the designer chooses to separate them, e.g. to create a column for the entries and one column for each panel, or a main column, a sidebar and a footer block, etc. Dividing the menu in two parts allows for more freedom in designing your theme.

Default widgets

If you don't customize your sidebars, they have a default content.

The Navigation sidebar contains the Search, Navigation links, Selected entries and Categories widgets.

The Extra sidebar contains the Suscribe links widget.

Adding/removing a widget

To add a widget, you just have to drag it from the first column and drop it into the second or third column. To save the changes, click on Update sidebars.


If javascript is disabled in your browser, you can use the small drop-down menus on each module to indicate where you want it to go.

To remove a widget, drag it outside its sidebar, then save the modification by clicking on Update sidebars.

If you wish to return to the default widgets, simply click on Reset sidebars.

Widgets options

Most of the widget have customizable options, such as the title displayed on the blog (e.g. Search) or whether you want it to be visible on the home page only.

To change these options, click on the "plus" button of the widget after you placed it in its sidebar. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking on Update sidebars.

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