Comments and trackbacks


There are several ways available to follow up your comments and trackbacks : by suscribing to your own comment RSS thread, by enabling mail notification or by accessing the comment management screen of your blog's interface.

Suscribing to the comment RSS feed

Just like your visitors, you can suscribe to the comment RSS thread of your own blog. If you are not familiar with this technology, you may want to read this help page.

E-mail notification

To receive an e-mail notification each time a visitor leaves a comment on your blog, the emailNotification puglin should be installed. In your user preferences, the E-mail notification section lets you choose the notification mode you want to enable :

  • never : no notification.
  • my entries : you are notified by email each time there is a new comment on an entry you wrote.
  • all entries : you are notified by email each time a new comment is left on the blog.


You have to enter a valid e-mail address in your preferences to enable the notification.


If you allowed comments and trackbacks in the blog settings, you can manage them for each individual entry by editing this entry and selecting the Comments tab, or by accessing the comment management screen from the Dashboard, or by clicking on the Comments menu item from the left sidebar.

Comment and trackback list

Comments are listed in reversed chronological order (newest on top).

Each line is preceded by a tickbox that allows you to select comments for actions and gives you different details : title of the entry to which the comments are linked (click on the title to access the entry edition screen), publication date (click on the date to see all the comments published on that date), author (click on the name to see all the comments left by this author), type (comment or trackback) and publication status (represented by an icon).


The [+] symbol located at the very beginning of the line lets you extend the comment to read it in full from this screen.

Sorting filters

The upper part of the entry management panel lets you apply sorting filters to the comment list : The Filters link lets you choose sorting criteria so as to display only comments of interest. If you are unsure about an option, click on the Help button - the white question mark on a blue background - to toggle the help panel.

Multi-comment actions

If you have the required permissions, you can apply an action to several comments at a time by selecting the corresponding tickboxes on the left of each comment line, then choosing the action of your choice from the drop-down meu located at the bottom of the list :

  • publish : put online
  • unpublish : puts the comments offline
  • pending : default status of the comments if you have enabled moderation
  • mark as junk
  • delete.

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