My first entry, step by step

Writing the content

So you've got a brand new blog and plenty to say and show? It' time for you to create your first entry.

Click on the New entry link in the left column:

New entry link

A new page is displayed, containing a few fields. Each field comes with a label and a red star when it is mandatory. There we have 2 mandatory fields: the title and the content:

Entry creation page


The toolbar located right above the input area allows you to enhance the layout (bold, italic, lists…) or to insert a link or an image, etc.

Fill in the title and the content. Once you are done, click on the Preview button to check your entry:

Preview button

You will notice that a new tab named Entry preview is now visible on the left of the Edit entry tab:

Entry preview and new tab

Click on the Edit entry tab, then click on the Save button to save your entry:

Save button

The page reloads and a message on top informs you that everything went well:


Your entry is now saved (but not published yet).

Publish your entry

If you have the required permissions, you may publish (put online) your entry. This will make it visible to your readers.

On the same page, you will see in the right panel a small drop-down menu indica ting the present status of the entry:

Entry status set to unpublished

To chage the status, simply select "published" in the list:

Entry status set to published

Don't forget to save your entry by clicking on the "Save" button:

Save button

Congratulations, your entry is now on line!

Going further

Don't hesitate to check the User manual to learn how to add information to your entry (assign it to a category, mark it with tags, restrain its access…).

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