Preparing for the update

Always do a backup of the current version of the application. It's a simple process that can save a lot of time if any problem crops up.

You absolutely must keep:

  • The configration file (typically inc/config.php)
  • Any themes and plugins you have installed
  • Your public files
  • Your .htaccess file if you have one.

Automatic upgrade

NEW When a new version is available, you will be notified by a message on your dashboard and prompted to upgrade Dotclear. All you have to do is follow the instructions. The application will do the necessary checks and update the relevant files. You will then be asked to log out to complete the update. You will have nothing else to do, excepted maybe to check that your plugins still work properly.


The update process checks the previously installed files very carefully. If any of them has been modified, you won't be able to use the automatic update.

It may happen that some files get marked as modified although you didn't edit them. This problem occurs if you installed Dotclear using the ASCII mode of your FTP client instead of the Binary mode. You can replace the files of your current version with the files from the original archive of your version, making sure you use binary transfer mode, so they are recognized as untouched by the automatic update. The zip files of the previous versions are available in the attic directory of the downloads.

Updating the program


Log out from the administration interface before any update!

Rename the directory that contains the current version of the program (for example into dotclear-old).

Transfer the new version into the original directory (for example dotclear).

Then copy the configuration file to its usual location (typically inc/config.php).

Finally restore your public files, themes, plugins, and .htaccess file as needed.


Some themes or plugins may not be compatible with the new version anymore. If you're unsure, finish the update process without restoring them then restore them one at a time, checking that everything works fine after each restoration.

Don't forget to clear the temporary directory! (/tmp by default)

Updating the database

Finish the update procedure by going to Dotclear's authentication screen. A message tells you that Dotclear was updated. The update is done, you may now log in.

Appendix : updating a mercurial copy

See http://hg.dotclear.org/ for information about the Dotclear repository.

  • To check out a copy, use a command such as hg clone https://hg.dotclear.org/dotclear dotclear.
  • To update the local repository use hg pull.
  • To list available branches use hg branches.
  • To update to the latest version of the current branch use hg update.
  • To update to a different branch use hg update 2.6 (for example).
  • To update to a specific tag use hg update -r 2.6.2 (for example).

If you wish to use PHP files instead of gettext language files, create them manually by starting the build-tools/make-l10n.php program from the root of your Dotclear copy. Don't forget to do it after every update if you want to keep a translation updated.

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