A new version to celebrate the 18 years of Dotclear.

On the program, a more robust code (PHP and Javascript), some improvements for themes developers, a minimal version of PHP 7.3 required, the compatibility with PHP 8 being ensured, the few used libraries have been updated (jQuery, CKEditor, codemirror, ...).

Note that the MySQL driver support has been removed and is now replaced by the MySQLi driver. You don't have to change anything if you were using the old one, the replacement is automatic.

Furthermore, the "remember me" function present on the blog comment forms, previously managed via the creation of a cookie, is now replaced by a local storage in the browser via the localStorage API.

Note also that Google's FLoC tracking system is automatically disabled (which can be overridden via the blog settings).

The curious can study the CHANGELOG file for details.

We will also try to publish new versions more often with probably less stuff each time as the application has already reached its maturity/majority :-)