Let have some fun by publishing a very new version of Dotclear this friday the 13th \o/

The menu:

  • 🐘 PHP 5.6+ is required, PHP 7.4 compliance
  • 🛡 Security: all requests from/to Dotclear and DotAddict servers use now HTTPS
  • jQuery upgraded to 3.4.1, older version will be removed, jQuery not anymore requested for "Remember me" feature
  • New "static" mode for home page. In this mode the list of last posts is available with the following URL: https://example.com/index.php?posts
  • Media description may now be updated
  • Add <i [lang="…"]>…</i> support to Dotclear wiki, syntax: ££text[|lang]££ (ex: ££français|fr££)

And also some visual or not visual bugs have been fixed, the support of MySQL 8+…

Let's play !