A tiny update to fix two minor security vulnerabilities and to allow some specific proxy/ssl server configuration.

Your dashboard should also offer you to upgrade your installation today or tomorrow (depending on your settings). There's also a patch for the developers who prefer this method.

CHANGELOG of this release :

Dotclear 2.10.3 - 2016-11-01
* Security: Fix CVE-2016-7903: Password Reset Address Spoof — Thank's Hongkun Zeng for report
* Security: Fix CVE-2016-7902: Media Manager, unrestricted File Upload — Thank's Hongkun Zeng for report
* CSP: Cope with external sources used in editor's iframe to preview public external content
* Fix: Cope with post.post_position field during flat import
* Fix: Prevents precondition failed during currently activated theme update
* Fix: Remove unecessary header (cope by dotclear) in page plugin
* Fix: Let some proxies playing with standard http and https ports
* Fix: Let SSL runs through a proxy, it may be ok, sometimes
* 🐛 → Various bugs and typos fixed