And there it is: the new Dotclear 2.2 release!

Included here is a new installation wizard, a better handling of the tags in the administration interface, and more generally an administration interface that has been tweaked here or there to remove a bunch of small bugs. That's about it as long as we are talking about user-related changes, but more is to come, as most changes of this version were made under the hood, with new behaviours, some template tags refining, an updated JQuery, an exception handler mechanism, a better internal settings system, all things that will open the door to better plugins and themes.

On the administration side, this new release offers a smaller footprint on server resources, is more resilient to non standard PostgreSQL installations, is more tweakable and last but not least, is now fully PHP 5.3 compliant. As such it can now be installed on up-to-date Linux servers.

So there you are, go grab this new release and have fun. Most plugins have been updated to run smoothly on it and have new versions that can be installed in a click thanks to DAInstaller[1] and the newly reopened DotAddict. Our French Blog will be updated with some posts detailing this release's changes and we plan to write a comprehensive digest of those posts here sometimes next week.


[1] It has to be manually updated before it sees the 2.2 compatible plugins.